Planning a pregnancy? Make it Happy n Healthy with Ayurveda

Every human being has inherent intense desire to continue one’s own race. After marriage, to become mother is one of the most cherished wish of every woman. To fulfill this desire couple is the pivot, yet other family members, society and even physician are also associates. From time immortal human has tried to find out methods by which their child to be born remains healthy, happy and delivers safely without any untoward events.

In the oldest medical science of the world i.e. Ayurveda all aspects of safe healthy and happy motherhood are described in detail. In modern medical science antenatal care begins after conception, but in Ayurveda it starts very well before conception. Ayurveda science recommends the best practices in terms of diet and lifestyle for each stage—from planning to conceive to the postnatal period. Further, safe & simple Ayurveda medicaments also help to overcome various discomforts during special phase of life i.e. pregnancy by complementing any medical care that you may be undergoing during your pregnancy and makes it well-rounded and wholesome.

For birth of a healthy offspring, Ayurveda gives emphasis on four factors namely Ritu (meaning season, signifies right time/period for conception), Kshetra (means area; the mother’s body and specially uterus should be healthy), Ambu (signifies nutrients to mother from the food) and Beeja (the seed— healthy ovum and sperm).

Garbha Sanskara- Ayurveda programming for healthy baby

The beautiful practice of Garbha Sanskara works on these four factors and has a profound impact on pregnant mothers’ health and the baby’s health. Garbha in Sanskrit means the fetus in the womb and Sanskara means conditioning or impressions. This practice includes cleansing of the female and male’s body with the help of certain panchakarma procedure which improves uterus health, quality of the ovum, the sperm quality and count in the male, and removing any imbalances of the doshas. In addition, it focuses on dietary and lifestyle recommendation for the couple in order to create a congenial environment for conception.

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