Healing mentally and physically with Ayurveda after Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss is a broad term which refers to the unexpected loss of an unborn baby. Losses of pregnancy that occur in the first 20 weeks of are termed as miscarriages and those happening after 20 weeks are called stillbirths.

Pregnancy loss is common—an estimated 10-20 percent of recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage, and around 1 percent of pregnancies are lost to stillbirth. Though common, such losses are often invisible. Family members, loved one as well as medical professionals often fail to recognize the depth of the loss and expect the person to move on quickly from the loss.

There are two types of impact of pregnancy loss- Emotional and Physical. Most of the times emotional impact of pregnancy loss includes guilt feel, anger, shock, sadness, anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder etc. After pregnancy loss, many women have questions-

1. Am I responsible for this loss?

Some women think that they did something to cause their pregnancy loss. Don’t blame yourself. This is something that happened to you, not something you did. Most of the time, miscarriages happen due to fetal abnormalities, therefore, do not feel guilty.

2. Can I become pregnant again?

More than 85 percent of women who have history of miscarriages go on to have normal pregnancies and births (repeated pregnancy losses are rare, and comprise only about 1-2 percent of women).

3. How long I have to wait before I can try to get pregnant again?

Waiting for enough time to heal emotionally and physically after a miscarriage is important. It varies from women to women due to their unique situation, so consult with your doctor about it. Generally, it is best to wait until after you have a menstrual period before trying to conceive again.

4. Can another miscarriage be prevented?

Most factors that cause a miscarriage are outside of a woman’s control. There is a higher risk of miscarriage if women is over age 35 and has certain medical conditions. Doctors may recommend supplementing with hormones to try to prevent another miscarriage. 5. Will I again feel better & normal?

Recovery after a miscarriage involves physical and emotional healing.

  • Take care of yourself – You have been through a major traumatic loss, but life must go on. Follow regular diet and sleep schedule, relax, eat well and maintain a healthy weight, read positive stories etc.

  • Practice Yoga and Meditation- practice Yoga exercise, Meditation, and be active each day.

  • Get emotional support –Stop to acknowledge your loss. Share your feelings with your partner, family, friends and Physician. Talk to your gynaecologist or family physician. If your feelings of sadness are long-lasting, talk with your doctor.

6. How to prepare body for next pregnancy?

I. Get your body cleaned with Panchakarma before next conception.

Panchakarma is one of the prominent Ayurvedic tools used to restore balance to

the body. Panchkarma procedure like vaman, virechan and basti, with proper

purvakarma helps in detoxification and allow the body to rid itself of wastes that

have accumulated and lodged in the body, creating blockages in the intelligent

flow of the various systems, including the circulatory, nervous, and digestive

systems. Once this cleansing process is complete, the body can resume its natural

functioning without interference

II. Make uterus healthy with Ayurveda local procedures:

Local procedures like yonipichudharan, yonidhawan, Uttarbasti helps in to

pacification of the vitiated dosha, and cleanse the uterus (garbhashaya shuddhi)

and thus makes uterus healthy for conception by providing nourishment &

strength to uterus.

III. Follow holistic DIET & LIFESTYLE:

Avoid fermented, stale, frozen foods, sour fruits as they lead to improper digestion

and constipation. Avoid foods that increase body heat. Food should be mild,

unctuous and nutritious.


With Ayurveda physicians advice you may take medicines like Dhanwantar

kashaya/Phal Ghrita/ dashmoolarishta/ jeerakarishta/ ashokarishta etc.

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